Editing/Writing Services

Do you need an editor? Yes, you do.

An extra pair of eyes will catch typos like – YEER or GEER. I can even catch things like BEAR when writing a passage in an article about Coors BEER. Considering I’ve been at this for more than 15 years, I’m quite confident that I will be able to tell you that your heroine was left-handed at the beginning of the story and now is not. And I usually can make suggestions as to structure, what is missing, or if I even like your characters.

I work in all facets of writing including fiction, non-fiction, plays and film & TV.

Please text me at 310-751-8178, email me at gnjdrylizard@yahoo.com gnjsalamander@gmail.com or make a request in a comment box to get the ball rolling. I work in Word and Final Draft for scripts and attachments are fine. I accept PDF, Pages and Google Documents (non-Word output) files as a last resort. I don’t accept Word Perfect; if you work in this old timey app please convert the files to PDF.

I prefer documents in normal 12-point typefaces (Courier, Times New Roman, Arial, Garamond, the current Microsoft defaults and anything similar for use in manuscripts not finished work) either single or double spaced. And it has to be in English.

The prices below assume working over the Internet. I charge for Media Mail postage to work offline.

My Services:

Simple Report/Coverage – A reading and a 3-5 page report of my general impressions and opinions about viability in the marketplace, whether video, stage or print.

Price – $75 (screenplay, teleplay or play), $100 (Manuscripts between 40k – 90k words), $150 (Manuscripts over 90k words) and $40 (Short stories and novellas up to 40k words)

Editing – I make no distinctions between editing and proofreading for errors and reporting on the narrative. They are the same service. Included is the report listed above and an edited copy of your manuscript with highlighted sections with the previous text and the suggestions for changes.

Price: $0.50/page (double spaced manuscript, one service), $1.00/page (single spaced manuscript, one service), $0.75/page (double spaced manuscript, any two services), $1.50/page (single spaced manuscript, any two services), $1.00/page (double spaced manuscript, three or more services), $2.00 (single spaced manuscript, three or more services).

Book Design and Layout: I also design books. Contact me for a quote based on the length and complexity of the project.

Ghostwriting – If you have an idea for a book but need help writing it, I’m glad to help. I will quote a price once we have discussed the project. I work on a half now half after basis for all these services, except coverage which is payment on delivery.

Please visit my other sites: www.smokinglizard.com, www.nancyappleton.com and http://smokinglizardbooks.wordpress.com for more information about my writing.